Busy Start to 2017

February 20, 2017

It has been a busy couple of months here at Manzer Apiary Inc. with the phone ringing & emails coming in to reserve packages of bees, as well as purchase our hives. The order for the packages went out last week & the bees will be arriving mid to late April. The packages are from New Zealand & arrive in long tubes, identical to those featured in the last blog post. In the package are thousands of bees & a queen bee, enclosed in a queen cage. The bees have to be hived as soon as they arrive, as it is quite a trek from their home.


For those who had missed the date on ordering the packages, we did order some spares to be sold with our hives. However, it is best to contact us soon, as there is a limited supply. 


Due to the amount of interest & sales in our hives, we decided to start selling some beekeeping supplies to not only accommodate our customers, but other beekeepers in the area. While we have started small, we are eager to expand our selection, as demand increases. 

Given the weather was not cooperating for outside construction work for Manzer Construction, we began constructing more hives in February, with Brian building the hive bodies first.

 This is only the first step in hive building, as after this is done, the bodies have to be painted. Below Bill is surveying the amount of bodies to be painted, as well as the colours, which will match those of the polli pod.










 Once this process is complete, the bottom screens have to be built & assembled, top bars & follower boards built, legs installed, plexiglass cut & placed, hive covers built & affixed to the hive body and finally, the chains connected to the body & cover. Once complete, this will add another 40 hives to our inventory.


Stay tuned for more updates!








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