Pollinator / Starter Hive

December 17, 2016

2016 was a great year for us! Sales were great for our first year and a lot of interest was generated from our hive. 


Several pollinator beekeepers were very intrigued about the design of our hive but were concerned about the ability to move our hives to different locations around the province. Based on their feedback, we created the "Polli Pod", which is a smaller, lighter and portable sized hive. The design of the top bars in the hive have also been improved so as to reduce the likelihood of comb breaking off when the hives are transported to another location. 


While the "Polli Pod" was intended for pollinators, this hive can also be used as a starter hive, as it can be installed with a package of bees in the spring or supplied with a nucleus of bees in the summer. Inspections are more frequent with this hive however, as it will fill fast, depending on the time of year and nectar flow. Overwintering is also possible with this hive, as it has the same insulation properties of our regular sized hive. 


The Polli Pod is priced at $374.99 each and is available in 4 different colours. For more information or to purchase, please visit our Place An Order or Contact page! 





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